Manage the lettings of community leisure and internal bookings quickly and easily.

Any type of facility can be booked through Smart-Booker to include sports halls, leisure activities, clubs, football pitches swimming and classes. Bookings can be both with and without payments.

Smart-Booker can either be used as a stand-alone booking system or can be integrated with other Services from WisePay, providing central reconciliation across income received.


Maximise Facility Usage

Reach New Customers and Grow Income

Facilities usage and activity uptake reporting in Smart-Booker

Provide powerful management information

Promote Facilities through APP 24/7

Reach Your Customers at their right time

Promote Facilities through APP 24/7

Reach Your Customers at their right time

Online Shopping

Multiple Payment Options

The Service provides flexible payment options so that your organisation can choose how your different customers pay:

  • Card payments with booking

  • Automatic invoice generation (to include own logo plus VAT and company registration number)

  • No-fee bookings (ie for internal staff bookings)

  • Membership subscriptions

  • Reception/on-site payments

Flexible Booking Options

Smart-Booker manages multiple booking types depending upon your organisation’s facilities and customers’ needs.

  • Internal, zero fee bookings

  • One-off 'public' bookings

  • Corporate/company bookings

  • Multiple club bookings

Ballet School
Image by Bruno Nascimento

Promotional and Concession

BookingsSmart-Booker is rich in functionality so that different pricing options can be displayed to different customers:

  • Discounts and promotional pricing

  • Variable pricing options

  • Club pricing

  • VAT options on multiple club bookings


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